Hold On…I’m Going to France?

T-minus one week until I leave the country!

Wait a minute. That can’t be right!

It’s finally beginning to feel real that this whole study abroad thing is actually happening. When I would tell people before where I was going and for how long I would be gone, it always felt so far off in the future – imagining it was like watching a movie in my head. Sure, I was the main character, but there was always some sort of screen or barrier between myself and the reality of it all.

Even hearing other people predicting what my semester abroad will be like helped to keep it feeling kind of separate. One friend likes to list all of the different cheeses I’ll get to try. My mom insists that I send her pictures whenever I get gelato or macarons or basically any kind of dessert. Another friend has guessed that I’ll meet a Frenchman named Javier who will ask me to eat escargot with him by the Eiffel Tower (never mind that Javier is a Spanish name and that I don’t eat meat!).

But lately I’ve been pulled inside the movie screen and actually have to start thinking about logistics – the horror! I’ve already got a fair bit checked off of my to-do list, such as taking care of my visa and getting adaptors for my chargers and the like. The hard parts have been brushing up on the language and trying to figure out packing – why don’t the movies show the heroine pouring over her old French textbook, trying to remember how speaking in the past tense works, and struggling over what to pack? How many books can I feasibly fit in my luggage without making it too heavy and impossible to carry? And which ones?

I come up with new questions each day, but as confusing and kind of stressful as they might be, they’re making my impending voyage finally seem like it’s happening. So here’s to my last week of reading as much about Cannes as I can and studying with a snoring cat on my lap!

McCoy helping me review reflexive verbs
McCoy helping me review reflexive verbs

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